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Fun Wedding Photography with the Bride

Wedding Photography Expectations

Some times the hardest thing for a newly engaged couple is to know what to expect from a wedding photographer. When I got married it seemed like we were bouncing from one thing to another and when the day came all I could do was focused on my beautiful bride and try not to forget my prepared vows not the wedding photographer. So Our Story Wedding Photography has come up with a short break down of your wedding day as it relates to wedding photography. Our needs and yours, so when you say "I Do" you only have to worry about your vows.

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Fun Wedding Photography with the Groom

-Preparation –
As the bride and groom get ready there is usually a parade of bridesmaids, groomsmen, mothers and grandmothers, Our Story Wedding Photography is there to document your day spontaneously with wedding photography and without you even notice we were ever there.

-Ceremony –
Prior to the ceremony Our Story Wedding Photography will be taking wedding photos of all the guests as they interact and as they come in. We will also visit both the bride and groom for their final preparations wedding photos at the church. Then as the ceremony starts we Our Story Wedding Photography capture the wedding photos from the walk down the aisle, the give away, to the first kiss.

-Formal –
Formal wedding photos are the posed shots which usually include the entire wedding party as well as the bride's and groom's family, Our Story Wedding Photography will work with you to ensure we have wedding photos of every person that is important to you. Formals are usually taken at the church and frequently at a second location, many times outside, by a water fall or on a sun setting beach.

- Reception –
The reception, You are finally able to relax and let loose here Our Story Wedding Photography will photograph all the moments from, cutting the cake, first dance, mother and father dance, to all the happiness on the dance floor.

-After the wedding –
Our Story Wedding Photography will promptly post all the wedding photos in an online photo gallery for you and all your friends and family from around the world to view and order prints. We can then meet and design a custom wedding album for you. You will also receive complimentary proof prints of your wedding photos as well as everything that's included in your wedding photography packages

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