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Example of Low Light Wedding Photography

Brides and Grooms ask us all the time how do you evaluate a photographer ‘s wedding photography portfolios.

I always say, first start by examining all their wedding photos. A deeper look can save a lot of heart ache later. To start see if their wedding photography seem too light or too dark, particularly in the faces. Good wedding photos be it B&W or Color will have a full range of tone from black blacks to white whites. A rule of thumb is if you can not recognize facial characteristics and details in the bride's dress at a quick glance then the wedding photography is either under or over exposed. Another thing to look for are extreme color shifts that can result from digital over compensation, trying to correct wedding photographers mistakes that can’t be caught by looking at the replay of a camera.

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Example of Deep Blacks and Solid Whites Wedding Photography

Now look at the wedding photos as a whole, how are they composed is all of the space within the photos being used? Has the background been considered while creating the wedding photography, do the wedding photographers understand negative space and how it creates the ambiance and atmosphere of wedding photos. Also look for cut off heads, cut off heads are a key Hollywood movie techniques but should never be used in still wedding photography. also make sure there are enough horizontal and vertical wedding photos (this shows an understanding of composition and comfortability with a camera).

Spend time looking closely at the wedding ceremony and formal wedding photos do you feel like you are participating at the wedding? Do you want to be their? Then look at the reception and pay close attention to low light wedding photos, are their any? are they washed out? To dark? or inconsistent?

Finally and most importantly can you imagine yourself in these wedding photos are these the images you want to memorialize your wedding day for all the years to come can you build your photo album from these wedding photos. If the answer to this question is no find different wedding photographers.

Also always make sure the wedding photographers are interested in your wedding, excited about capture this beautiful day for you, and understand how much this day means to you. This will ensures that the wedding photographers cares and you will be getting wedding photos you will cherish forever.

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